Magnets & Magic

If you like magic tricks, or you like pulling one over on someone, you may want to check out magic trick magnets. Now, you don’t need to go out and buy magnets  for sale  specifically designed for magic tricks. On the contrary–you just need ordinary magnets to produce some really great magical results. You will need some magnets that really have some hold, so look for neodymium magnets. They’re the strongest, no matter what size you get.

magnets for sale
magnets for sale

neodymium magnets for sale
neodymium magnets for sale

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With well-hidden magnets, you can do all sorts of tricks. The secret is to make sure no one knows you are using magnets. Kids will get a kick out these sorts of things. You can hide your magnets with handkerchiefs, napkins, other fabrics or even under a crate or basket. Get creative. Using magic trick magnets, you can make something levitate. If you put a really strong magnet above a really little magnet, the little one will lift slightly off the ground.
magnets for sale
magnets for sale

You can also use magic trick magnets to attract or repel another magnet. Hang a magnet from a string, but make sure you disguise it. Then, you can hold another magnet in your hand. Whether you attract or repel your hanging object is determined by which side you use. As well all learned in school, magnets have a north and a south end. If you put two of the same ends together, they repel. Two opposite ends together attract.

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Therefore, as you bring one end toward your hanging object, it will come to you; the other end will draw it away. To really sell your tricks with your magnets, you have to create a good story around what you are doing. Don’t forget to conceal your magnets. Just get creative, you can play all day!

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